EPSRC BristolBridge Conference

8 April 2016, 9.00 AM - 8 April 2016, 8.00 PM

Engineers' House

A one day EPSRC Conference BristolBridge: "Meeting the Challenge of Antimicrobial Resistance through the Application of Advances in the Engineering and Physical Sciences"  
The conference will showcase research projects funded by BristolBridge 
(http://www.bristol.ac.uk/bristolbridge/) and novel and emergent technologies which show potential for helping address the escalating global problem of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). There will be sessions on smart antimicrobial materials, technologies for diagnostics, big data, cloud computing and cyber infrastructure for AMR, and drug discovery and new antimicrobials. 

Investigators in the engineering and physical sciences who have previously felt their work may not be relevant to AMR, are particularly encouraged to attend.

Please visit the link for the full programme:
Free registration, deadline Thursday 24 March 2016. 

Postdocs and PhD students presenting posters relevant, or potentially relevant to AMR (technologies for diagnostics, assays, new antimicrobial compounds, development of AMR surveillance techniques etc) are very welcome to attend. 

Register as above and send poster title (with names and affiliations) to Claire Spreadbury claire.spreadbury@bristol.ac.uk  (BristolBridge Manager at bristolbridge-info@bristol.ac.uk) by the 24 March 2016. 
Invited oral 'flash' presentations
In addition there will be an opportunity for poster presenters to also give oral 'flash' (i.e. 3 minute) presentations (prize for the best one). If you would like to be considered, please submit an abstract (200 words max) to claire.spreadbury@bristol.ac.uk by Thursday 24 March 2016 so the panel can select and invite presentations ahead of the event. The presenters will need to prepare one or two slides if invited.   

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