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Professor Guido Herrmann


My research interests are in robust and/or intelligent control/estimation. Emphasis is given towards the development of novel theoretical methods which can be practically validated. My MSc thesis resulted in a journal publication on an improved approach of Pyragas? method. During my PhD, I developed significant expertise in sliding mode control and the theoretical investigation of discrete implementations of nonlinear continuous-time control systems with case studies for a realistic 270 state nonlinear simulation of a chemical process. After my PhD, I developed novel servo-control methods at the A*Star Data-Storage Institute. I have worked in collaboration with the University of Leicester on novel anti-windup methods which have been successfully applied to hard disk drive servo systems. Significant research effort has been directed towards important industrial issues of networked control systems. I lead the Nonlinear Robotics Control Group (NRCG) at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory. Important application include: vehicular systems and probe-microscopes.

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Key words

  • control
  • estimation
  • parameter estimation
  • robust control
  • robust estimation
  • robotics
  • automotive systems