Robots are set to impact on all aspects of our lives, from robotic exoskeletons which enhance our strength and mobility to robots that search for life in the Solar System and beyond. Bristol is at the forefront of the robotics revolution and has the largest robotics laboratory in the UK.

We are undertaking ground breaking research to develop soft robots that move without motors, biological robotics that eat organic waste, and distributed robots that exhibit swarm intelligence.

These exciting topics feed directly into the Engineering Mathematics degree programme and pose challenging problems that students can really get to grips with. One example is the development of a robot eye that uses ‘artificial muscles’ in place of the four main ocular muscles. The robot eye is controlled by an cerebellum on a chip that learns and adapts as the artificial muscles age or if they are damaged. This research helps us to understand how the brain adapts to changes in the body and how we can make better control systems for robots and for medical prosthetics.

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