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Publication - Dr Majid Taghavi

    Self-Powered Plasmonic UV Detector, Based on Reduced Graphene Oxide/Ag Nanoparticles


    Keshvari, A, Darbari, S & Taghavi, M, 2018, ‘Self-Powered Plasmonic UV Detector, Based on Reduced Graphene Oxide/Ag Nanoparticles’. IEEE Electron Device Letters, vol 39., pp. 1433-1436


    We report a plasmonic self-poweredUV detector based on triboelectric nanogenerators, for the first time. The proposed structure benefits from plasmon-Assisted photoresponse in reduced graphene oxide/Ag nanoparticles heterostructure, serving as a high-sensitive photoconductive layer in the fabricated triboelectric nanogenerator. Ag nanoparticlesenhance the contacting surface area of the triboelectric nanogenerator, and improve the output open circuit voltage by a factor of about five. The presented triboelectric nanogenerator operates as an active self-powered UV detector so that the open circuit voltage is modulated by the UV illumination. The open circuit voltage sensitivity (δV p-p/V p-p) is measured as about 50% in response to UV illumination, with illuminationpower density of 500 μW/cm2.

    Full details in the University publications repository