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Dr Majid Taghavi


Having a background in Electronics and Micro electro-mechanical systems, Majid has been working on electro-mechanical transducers since 2010 when he joined The Biorobotics Institute at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Italy. Receiving a 4-years PhD scholarship from the Italian Institute of Technology, he graduated in BioRobotics in 2014 with the highest honor as he delivered multiple smart materials, intelligent structures, and systems for sensing and energy harvesting. He continued his post-doctoral research in IIT, focusing on Soft Tactile Sensors. Majid joined the University of Bristol on June 2016, since then he has delivered multiple novel actuation technologies with an emphasis on safe human-machine interaction. Hundreds of media reports have covered Majid's research mainly on the urine-powered socks, electro-ribbon actuators, and the assistive right trousers. He is now working as a senior research associate focusing on soft robotics for health.



Department of Engineering Mathematics

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