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Dr Luca Giuggioli

Dr Luca Giuggioli

Dr Luca Giuggioli
B.Sc.(Milan), Ph.D.(New Mexico)

Senior Lecturer

Office 1.8
Engineering Maths,
Ada Lovelace Building, University Walk BS8 1TW
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+44 (0) 117 4553593


My general interest is thetheoretical development of models of moving and inetracting entities, from animals and molecules to more abstract objects such as random walkers. In the context of animals, I work in the area of movemnt ecology.



Giuggioli Lab web page

  • PhD 2004, Physics & Astronomy Department, University of New Mexico, US
  • Postdoctoral associate at the Consortium of the Americas for Interdisciplinary Science, US, 2004-2006
  • Postdoctoral associate at the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department, Princeton University, US, 2007-2008

Activities / Findings



Ecology, Acquisition of Behaviour


  • movement ecology


  • spatially explicit models


My general interest is the construction of spatially explicit theoretical models, validated through experimental observations, with the aim of explaining a variety of processes such as territoriality, foraging, disease spread and ecosystem nutrient cycling. One of the features central to these apparently disparate processes is how animals move and interact among each other. My objective is to study and ultimately predict how certain spatio-temporal ecological patterns emerge from basic ?microscopic? interactions and movement rules.

  • animal movement
  • animal interactions and territoriality
  • anomalous diffusion
  • complexity sciences
  • spatio-temporal ecological patterns
  • non-equilibrium statistical physics
  • foraging and search strategies
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    Department of Engineering Mathematics

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