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Professor Jonathan Rossiter


My research interests include bio-mimetics, artificial intelligence, robotics and sensors. Bio-mimetics is an engineering tool that covers a huge scale from nano-technology, including materials, actuators and sensors, to high level artificial intelligence, including perception, cognition and reasoning. I have substantial experience in soft robotic actuator and artificial muscle research including the development of new polymer-composite materials and actuators involving principles of buckling and bi-stability and robots which are inspired by bio-mimetic study of swimming organisms, including bacteria and fish. Related research on sensing extends from tactile sensing techniques to human-like visual sensing and perception. My research in the field of artificial intelligence focuses on high-level intelligence and especially human-like reasoning with uncertainty. This includes applying machine learning and intelligent systems to disease detection and classification from medical scans including MRI. Related work includes work on autonomous intelligence, especially in human-like driver robots, and intelligent robot sensing and actuation.

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Key words

  • robotics
  • artificial muscles
  • electroactive polymers
  • bio-mimetics
  • artificial intelligence
  • medical Imaging
  • MRI