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Professor Mark Beach


My research activities are focused on system design and optimisation of wireless communication networks, with particular emphasis on 3rd and 4th generation (3G & 4G) mobile systems. Since completing my PhD in 1988, I have been active in the adoption of Wideband CDMA as the air interface standard for 3G as well as the application of Smart Antenna technology as a means of capacity and cell-range enhancement. This includes fundamental work on capacity analysis, RACE and ACTS TSUNAMI field trial evaluations of smart antennas, as well as spatial-temporal characterisation of wireless bearers in frequency division duplex network deployments. Recent advances in the field of smart antennas has resulted in a paradigm shift from appliques providing capacity enhancement to those offering radical increases in data throughput by means of dual array architectures. Here I am addressing the rapidly developing area of Multiple-Input Multiple Output (MIMO) channel characterisation.

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Key words

  • system design
  • wireless communication networks
  • 3G
  • 4G
  • smart antennas
  • dual array architectures