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Publication - Dr George Oikonomou

    Poster: Atomic-SDN

    A Synchronous Flooding Framework for SDN Control of Low-Power Wireless


    Baddeley, M, Raza, U, Sooriyabandara, M, Oikonomou, G, Nejabati, R & Simeonidou, D, 2019, ‘Poster: Atomic-SDN: A Synchronous Flooding Framework for SDN Control of Low-Power Wireless’.


    We present Atomic-SDN, a highly flexible framework capable of dynamically scheduling synchronous flooding phases to accommodate multiple traffic patterns resulting from application-level requirements. Specifically, Atomic-SDN accommodates the complex and varying traffic generated in a Software Defined Networking (SDN) control solutions for low-power wireless networks, where the high-overhead and centralized nature of SDN causes considerable problems due to the constrained nature of the network. By utilizing the high-reliability and low-latency properties of synchronous flooding, our results show that Atomic-SDN is capable of providing minimal bounded latency guarantees for network-wide SDN operations. This reduces the time to perform SDN operations on all nodes by orders-of-magnitude, and allows core SDN concepts to be pushed to the very edge of IoT networks.

    Full details in the University publications repository