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Dr Geoffrey Hilton

Geoff’s research interests include antenna element, array and system design for a variety of communications and radar applications, and he is a reviewer for IET publications and EPSRC grant proposals in these areas. He has been the principal investigator or supervised projects involving Ground Penetrating Radar (QinetiQ); performance evaluation of antennas used in mobile radio (Ofcom and Mobile VCE); antenna array design/analysis (Airspan, Kyocera, ProVision, QinetiQ and Toshiba); tuneable elements (Hewlett Packard, QinetiQ and Samsung), and vehicle-mounted antennas (BAR/Honda). The latter involved the design of a low profile antenna, which was employed on their F1 racing cars from 2004 until they withdrew from F1 racing.

Antenna element and array design - electrically small elements, active elements & integrated antennas

Antenna pattern analysis for antenna performance evaluation in real environments – this includes propagation analysis and the interaction of the antenna with its local environment

Antenna and microwave circuit modelling – using commercial packages and in-house FDTD software

Research keywords

  • Antennas
  • Electromagnetic Propagation