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Publication - Dr Geoffrey Hilton

    Designing Wearable Sensing Platforms for Healthcare in a Residential Environment


    Fafoutis, X, Vafeas, A, Janko, B, Sherratt, S, Pope, J, Elsts, A, Mellios, E, Hilton, G, Oikonomou, G, Piechocki, R & Craddock, I, 2017, ‘Designing Wearable Sensing Platforms for Healthcare in a Residential Environment’. EAI Endorsed Transactions on Pervasive Health and Technology, vol 17.


    Wearable technologies are valuable tools that can encourage people to monitor their own well-being and facilitate timely health interventions. In this paper, we present SPW-2; a low-profile versatile wearable sensor that employs two ultra low power accelerometers and an optional gyroscope. Designed for minimum maintenance and a long-term operation outside the laboratory, SPW-2 is able to oer a battery lifetime of multiple months. Measurements on its wireless performance in a real residential environment with thick brick walls, demonstrate that SPW-2 can fully cover a room and - in most cases - the adjacent room, as well.

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