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Publication - Dr Geoffrey Hilton

    Off-body antenna wireless performance evaluation in a residential environment


    Dumanli, S, Sayer, L, Mellios, E, Fafoutis, X, Hilton, G & Craddock, I, 2017, ‘Off-body antenna wireless performance evaluation in a residential environment’. IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, vol 65., pp. 6076-6084


    Modern body-centric communication systems require good link quality. Antenna performance is of primary importance when meeting this requirement. This paper contributes a method suited to the difficult task of quantifying antenna performance in a body-centric communications system. In a case study, a planar wrist wearable antenna, which provides radiation pattern switching across the 2.4GHz operating band through an innovative technique that does not require an additional switching mechanism, is benchmarked against a monopole and a patch antenna in a residential setting. The performance of the antenna, and subsequently the benefits of the pattern switching technique, are successfully quantified. The holistic method includes both antenna measurements and channel simulation with ray-tracing. Results are verified against real world measurements.

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