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Publication - Dr Geoffrey Hilton

    A Flexible 2.45-GHz Power Harvesting Wristband with Net System Output from -24.3 dBm of RF Power


    Adami, SE, Proynov, P, Hilton, GS, Yang, G, Zhang, C, Zhu, D, Li, Y, Beeby, SP, Craddock, IJ & Stark, BH, 2018, ‘A Flexible 2.45-GHz Power Harvesting Wristband with Net System Output from -24.3 dBm of RF Power’. IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, vol 66., pp. 380-395


    This paper presents a flexible 2.45-GHz wireless power harvesting wristband that generates a net dc output from a -24.3-dBm RF input. This is the lowest reported system sensitivity for systems comprising a rectenna and impedance-matching power management. A complete system has been implemented comprising: a fabric antenna, a rectifier on rigid substrate, a contactless electrical connection between rigid and flexible subsystems, and power electronics impedance matching. Various fabric and flexible materials are electrically characterized at 2.45 GHz using the two-line and the T-resonator methods. Selected materials are used to design an all-textile antenna, which demonstrates a radiation efficiency above 62% on a phantom irrespective of location, and a stable radiation pattern. The rectifier, designed on a rigid substrate, shows a best-in-class efficiency of 33.6% at -20 dBm. A reliable, efficient, and wideband contactless connection between the fabric antenna and the rectifier is created using broadside-coupled microstrip lines, with an insertion loss below 1 dB from 1.8 to over 10 GHz. A self-powered boost converter with a quiescent current of 150 nA matches the rectenna output with a matching efficiency above 95%. The maximum end-to-end efficiency is 28.7% at -7 dBm. The wristband harvester demonstrates net positive energy harvesting from -24.3 dBm, a 7.3-dB improvement on the state of the art.

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