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Dr Djeylan Aktas


Dr Djeylan Aktas received his BASc in fundamental physics from the University Nice Sophia Antipolis, Nice, France, in 2011. While continuing various courses in physics about nanostructures, atomic physics and astrophysics he was quicly drawn toward quantum communication field. Thereafter Djeylan joined the Institut Non Linéaire de Physique de Nice (INLN) where he completed his M.Sc. in 2013 under the supervision of Professor Robin Kaiser leader of the Cold Atoms Group. During this time he designed and built an offset-lock system for a random laser with cold atoms. 

Soon after, he started his PhD in experimental quantum photonic at the Laboratoire de la Matière Condensée (LPMC) in the Group “Quantum Information and Photonic” (PIQ) under the supervision of Dr. Sébastien Tanzilli, where he worked on quantum cryptography, quantum network applications and quantum metrology as well as on more fundamental aspects such as nonlocality. After demonstrating the potential increase of secret key bitrates with a demultiplexing strategy for QKD systems, he worked on relaxing the assumptions needed to demonstrate nonlocality in Bell-type experiments. He also worked on develloping an efficient photon pair source for quantum white light interferometry in order to demonstrate the quantum enhancement in precision for measuring dispersion in a transparent materials. Djeylan was also involved at the creation of a new integrated photonic platform of the group: silicon photonic, mainly in designing and characterizing photon pair sources based on silicon micro-ring resonators. 

Following his Ph.D. Djeylan accepted a one year position in the same team with Professor Sébastien Tanzilli were he took the opportunity to finish a project started during his Ph.D. about studying non trivial photon statistic in microscale lasers. In January 2018 Djeylan moved to Bristol UK to work as a postdoctoral fellow under Prof. John Rarity at the Centre for Quantum Photonics.




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