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Publication - Mr Carlos Colman Meixner

    FUTEBOL Control Framework: Enabling Optical-Wireless Convergence


    Both, C, Guimaraes, RS, Slyne, F, Wickbold, J, Martinello, M, Dominicini, C, , Martins, R, Zhang, Y, Cardoso, D, Villaca, R, Meixner, CC, Ceravolo, I, Nejabati, R, Ruffini, M, Marquez-Barja, J & Da Silva, L, 2019, ‘FUTEBOL Control Framework: Enabling Optical-Wireless Convergence’. IEEE Communications Magazine., pp. 1-8


    Large-scale testing and performance evaluation of network services is complex and involves multiple network domains (e.g., optical and wireless networks, cloud services). The H2020 EU-Brazil FUTEBOL project has deployed geographically distributed testbeds that enable the experimentation and validation of new protocols that spread over both optical and wireless networks. In this article, we describe a control framework that allows experimenters to slice, reserve, and control optical, wireless, and cloud resources in a coordinated manner. Our control framework employs network orchestrators, which cope with the heterogeneity of both wireless and optical communications. We illustrate the features of and evaluate our solution through an experiment that supports cross-domain resource orchestration and automatic service scaling.

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