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An introduction to the University of Bristol

Key messages

A passion for excellence

Making a positive difference to the World

Electrical and electronic engineering: transport

Fastest accelerating street-legal electric car

Key messages

There's no conventional engine, it's gone, he's got a custom built computer under the hood.

It is an awful lot of fun to blow away a Corvette with an electric Datsun.

What electric cars have in abundance is torque, a lot more than a gas engine could ever have.

The electric kilocycle can do 0 to 60mph in 2 seconds.

Electrical and electronic engineering: energy

Cisco's vision of smart grid

Key messages

The aging electricity infrastructure is inefficient and increasingly unreliable.

The energy community is starting to marry information and communications technology with the electricity infrastructure to create a smart grid.

Currently there are over 360 proprietary communication protocols used in the electrical system.

Renewable electrical energy generation

Key messages

By 2020 renewable electrical energy will represent 20% of the total EU energy consumption.

The EU is the world leader in the development of renewable energy with over 350,000 jobs and an annual turnover of over 30Billion Euros.

Truth about cellular energy efficiency

Key messages

You'd probably expect high CO2 emissions in the aviation industry, but surprising CO2 emissions produced by the computing and communications industries are now at the same level.

For society, the environment and your bottom line … energy efficient communications makes good green business sense.

Electrical and electronic engineering: weird and wonderful!

The Parrot AR drone

Key messages

The drone can be connected to an iPhone or IPad.

The accelerometers in the iPhone can be used to drive the drone.

The drone makes use of WiFi wireless communications and video compression and signal processing.

Robots kits!

Key messages

These robots make full use of microcontrollers, radio remote controls, and sensors.

In year 3 of the EE degree programme you will work on a group Buggy project - see our video clips for more details!

Propeller clock

Key messages

By synchronously controlling a strip of LEDs as they spin on an electric motor it is possible to produce stable display for any type of image.

Specific images are stored in memory and can be static or dynamic in nature.

Electrical and electronic engineering: image and video

3D Virtual reality displays

Key messages

Im going to show you how to perform head tracking and create desktop virtual reality displays using the Nintendo Wii remote.

With head tracking turned on the TV looks like an entrance to another room.

The targets look to reach out from the screen.

Parametric video Coding

Key messages

Left: Standard H.264 encoded video

Right: Parametric Video Coding using the University of Bristol proposed codec

Bit Rate saving is approximately 25%.

Electrical and electronic engineering: quantum information

Quantum Informatics

Key messages

Together with our collaborators at the University of Bristol we have been developing 3D Quantum circuits that lie at the heart of incredible quantum technologies.

Quantum technologies promise completely unbreakable information security and offer profound advances in computing.

Electrical and electronic engineering: healthcare

Worlds Most Advanced Medical Scanner

Key messages

Developed at the University of Bristol, the MARIA system is already saving lives.

Using a world-leading 60 element array the scanner is able to safely and reliably detect the early stages of breast cancer.

The scanner is using a combination of antenna, RF and electromagnetic theory to revolutionise the field of breast cancer detection.

Electrical and electronic engineering: communication systems

The Truth about LTE (4G mobile)

Key messages

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is 4G technology and a major step forward for the communications industry.

The future of communications will be about all kinds of things speaking to each other through the internet.

LTE is a key part of the largest organic growth opportunity in the history of business.

iPad2 wireless screen mirroring on iOS5

Key messages

Using iOS5 on the iPAD2 and Apple TV it is now possible to wirelessly display gaming content on a HD TV.

This uses a combination of video compression and wireless (WiFi) data transmission.

The iPAD2 can be used as a wireless controller, with its screen showing independent gaming content.

Imagination Technologies and ARM make the graphics processor and CPU in the Apple A5. Both UK companies sponsor Bristol students on the EEE programme.