A student's perspective: the City of Bristol

The University is located in the heart of Bristol. Bristol is the perfect size, offering all the excitement of a big city packed into an area you can easily explore on foot or by bike.

Bristol is famous for its friendly people and fantastic music scene. It also boasts a vibrant harbourside, numerous green spaces and a buzzing centre.

The city has excellent transport links (road and rail) and these make it easy to access all parts of the UK. Bristol has a vibrant history and boasts a wide range of superb architecture. There are beautiful views to be had all around the city and the countryside is always just a few miles away.

Fancy a self-guided tour of the University? Why not find out about the University's history and facilities? The complete tour takes about 90 minutes and includes several optional detours around parts of the city.

Bristol is a beautiful place to live and study.

What attracted me to Bristol was that it had the large city feel and had all the modern conveniences that a large city would have but in a small compact size that you can get around very easily. If you want to be busy you will always be busy!

Alex O’Neill, Electrical and Electronic Engineering (MEng), Year 4

Bristol is a great city to live in. The University is not a campus and personally I prefer that because you feel like you’re living in a city more and there’s great night life.

Neil Wydenbach, Electrical and Electronic Engineering (MEng), Year 3
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