A student's perspective: the degree

Course outline (assumed MEng)

Weekly timetable timetable

  • Typically 10 hours of lectures
  • 10 hours of labs
  • Private study
  • Staff contact - tutors and departmental staff are there to help you with anything from work to welfare

We sometimes get in visiting lecturers talking about their cutting-edge research and I can sit there in the lecture room and think ‘I was taught that on Monday’. That’s really why I enjoy being taught at Bristol.

Jason Shaw, Electrical and Electronic Engineering (MEng), Year 4

What’s fantastic at Bristol is that if you’ve ever got a problem you can just ask or email your lecturers and say ‘look I’m struggling, can you help me?’ and they are more than happy to give you time.

Shu Fei Wong, Electrical and Communications Engineering (MEng) Year 2
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