Scholarships and prizes

The department of electrical and electronic engineering has excellent industrial links and close ties with all relevant accrediting bodies. As a result we offer a wide range of valuable scholarships and industrial prizes.

Scholarships provide you with additional funding to help with the costs of your study. This typically ranges from £500 to £3,500 per year. Many of our scholarship programmes include summer school training sessions and paid yearly industrial placements (typically £1,250 a month) with well-known international companies. These experiences boost your employability skills and considerably enhance your CV. Most sponsored students receive a job offer from their supporting company in the final-year (although there is no requirement for you to accept this offer).

In each year of study a number of prizes are offered by our industrial partners, as well as by the Faculty and the department, to recognise the academic excellence of our students. These are commonly linked to examination performance or specific individual and/or group projects.

The main route to obtain a summer placement is via one of our main scholarships:

Sponsoring companies (for both scholarships) will arrange for their scholars to have at least one paid summer work placement for a minimum of 8 weeks. However, it is possible to obtain two or more placements with different companies throughout your study. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to participate in summer workshops and summer schools.

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