Profile: Chris Davis

Course: MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Year 2)

From: England, UK

What inspired you to become an engineer?

I really liked working with electronics as soon as I was allowed to and especially during sixth form when I got to work with Arduinos and other projecting tools. Also engineering really appeals to a logical mind and it suited me well.

Why did you choose to study your engineering course at the University of Bristol?

I looked on the league tables and it ranked very high and had entry grades that I could achieve. Then I visited and loved the city more than anywhere else, that was the main reason that I chose Bristol.

What are the best things about studying your specific course at Bristol?

SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) is a very well-run lab project and gives a chance to make a highly realistic device that working engineers would design. The cohort is full of the nicest people, everyone is so helpful and there is an amazing group feeling where everyone works together. The ILO is brilliant, runs so many talks and makes it feel like I have a real future of having a good engineering job after graduation All the course societies are perfect, they get really involved and offer a mix of professional development events and fun community ones.

How do you think your degree will support your future career plans?

It gives me all the skills I would need as an electrical engineer and also provides the skills to learn anything that I don’t know.

How do you think Engineers can make a difference to the world?

I think engineers are the future, they can make all the practical things that people use. One of the main things people say about engineering is that it is problem solving, the future will inevitably create problems so people who work to solve problems seem like the kind who will make the difference.

What would you say to someone who is considering studying your course at the University of Bristol?

Do it! You get one of the best educations around in a perfect city to live in, what is there not to like? And there are as many opportunities to get involved as you can think of.

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