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Publication - Professor Kirsten Cater

    trove: A Digitally Enhanced Memory Box For Looked After And Adopted Children


    Gray, S, Hahn, R, Cater, K, Watson, D, Meineck, C & Metcalfe, T, 2019, ‘trove: A Digitally Enhanced Memory Box For Looked After And Adopted Children’. in: IDC '19 Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Interaction Design and Children.


    For looked after and adopted children, physical objects are often the only remaining link to their past; a portal to stories of birth families, former homes, and significant people. Yet, often these stories can be littered with traumatic events preventing them from moving forward with their lives. Through reminiscence of these stories and attempting to develop narratives of past events, known as ‘life story work’, we can help children to emotionally process their past. This paper introduces, trove, a digital and physical memory box for storing and curating stories about precious objects. trove creates a safe space for keeping these objects in transient environments and constructing life story narratives. We describe the initial trove design and conceptual evaluations with 15 looked after and 6 adopted children. Early findings indicate trove’s promise in supporting life story work but stipulate future design work on contextually nuanced requirements, privacy prioritisation, and content control.

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