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Dr Ruzanna Chitchyan


As a full-time EPSRC research fellow, I currently have no teaching responsibilities.

Past teaching:

  • Requirements Engineering and Professional Practice (2014 to 2016, taught at the University of Leicester) - a first year module on introduction to Requirements Engineering, covering:
    • Overview of Requirements Engineering (e.g., scope, stakeholders, practice);
    • Requirements Elicitation (e.g., interviews, observation, focus groups), and
    • Requirements Representation (e.g., use cases, goal models, business processes, activity models)
    • Security in Requirements (e.g., misuse cases, anti-goals, obstacle analysis).
  • CO7207: Generative Development (2012 to 2016, taught at the University of Leicester) - an MSc module on new development techniques to cope with size and complexity increase in software systems, covering: 
    • Model Driven Development,
    • Aspect-Oriented Development, and
    • Software Product Lines.
  • CO7501: Individual Project (2013 to 2017, taught at the University of Leicester) - and MSc final project module.