Software Engineering Projects

Connecting industrial partners with student talent.

Would you like our students to design and build a software system for you? 

As part of the software engineering unit, our students develop their skills in a simulated software consultancy role for a real world client. This is a fantastic opportunity for individuals and organisations to get involved with the Department of Computer Science. Project ideas can come from the public or private sector, from within or outside the IT sector. 

The Student Groups

Groups of five or six students are drawn from second-year Bachelor/Master programmes in Computer Science. They develop a solution to a real-world problem or opportunity that the client presents. A meeting between the group and the client to understand the motivation for the idea, the solution space and to gather requirements is part of the project itself. 

The students work on their project during 22 weeks of study between October and April. On average each student spends six hours per week on the project. Students are supported in their learning by the Department and they meet the client regularly to review progress. 

Benefits for partners

  • Introduce your organisation as a potential employer and establish a relationship with our students, for example, to advertise internship positions.
  • An opportunity for someone in your organisation to develop mentoring skills or experience as a product owner.
  • The chance to try out new ideas and explore new technologies.
  • No direct financial cost beyond that of meeting the student group for an hour once every two or three weeks. These meetings can be online.
  • Create or increase engagement in your organisation on a new topic or technology.

Although the system the students build may have value - we have very talented students - it is important to remember that the purpose of the project is student learning. Many features and aspects of the implementation will remain prototypic. The students will be applying an agile development method so the progress meetings should steer projects towards more relevant outcomes.

Is my project suitable?

All projects:-

  • must involve the construction of a software solution. While the software is the ultimate output, the students will also investigate different designs for the solution. These designs form part of the project.
  • Projects should be incremental in scope. At the core is a minimum functionality that all student groups will be able to implement but depending on progress, the team may extend the scope.
  • As these are second year students it is important to allow for a spectrum of abilities. The best approach is to have an exciting vision, broken down into incrementally scoped packages that students can work on in an agile fashion.
  • Projects should not include a significant degree of investigative system modelling or any research. For example, any data science, machine learning or computer vision aspects need to be minimal and straightforward to implement with high level APIs.
  • All backend systems must to be implemented in Java and mobile applications will be Android only

Among the type of projects that work well are web applications to support a specific task. Many other types of systems will be suitable as well. See past project videos for inspiration and get in touch with any questions.

How do I get involved?

To propose a project, submit a brief directed at students via the webform below. The brief should be no more than two sides of A4. You can include your contact details in the brief so that students can contact you before they make their choice.

Recommended elements of the brief:-

  • Client Description - yourself/your organisation
  • Motivation - the opportunity/problem
  • Solution - what the solution might look like - allowing for a variety of solutions (part of the project is to find the best among several alternatives) 
  • Constraints - are there any constraints that the students should be aware of?
  • IP - by default the solutions will be open sourced and the students maintain the IP. Get in touch now if you have specific requirements.

If you get involved, we would like to mention you as a project partner on the web. The project brief you submit would not be publicly shared. Speak to us with any specific concerns.

Submit your brief via Google Forms below. After you have submitted the form, on the acknowledgement page, please copy the URL of the link titled "Edit your response". You can use this link to edit your brief at a later time.

Submit Application via Google Forms

More information

Potential partners please contact:-
Dr. Daniel Schien, Lecturer

Tel: +44 (0)117 3315105
Department of Computer Science
University of Bristol 
Merchant Venturers Building
Woodland Road
Bristol BS8 1UB

Past projects

Check out the projects from 2016/17 .

 A selection of project videos on YouTube:-


An app for managing smart home devices from multiple providers to save energy and time.


Pool Referee - a 8 Ball Pool performance website to rank, record and share employee results.

We the curious

Mobile app/wristbands for visitors to engage with exhibits, enhancing experience and reducing queues.

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