MSc in Earthquake Engineering and Infrastructure Resilience

This MSc programme gives you the opportunity to study in the UK's pre-eminent earthquake engineering laboratory, to visit an earthquake site and to be taught by world-class researchers and industry experts.

You will be taught by many more world-class members of the Earthquake and Geotechnical Engineering research group.

Our experts

Over the duration of the programme you'll be taught by academics in the field of earthquake engineering, such as:

Our students

The life-changing experiences and the profound and distinguished knowledge I gained throughout this MSc, prepared me for work as a qualified Civil Engineer and allowed me to expand my horizons both academically and personally.

Alexis Frangeskou (MSc)

The year I spent in Bristol has given me one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had. What I learnt from this research-oriented MSc programme is further supporting my PhD pursuit.

Ziliang Zhang (MSc)


As a student of this programme you'll have access to state-of-the-art facilities.

The programme director is Dr Nicholas Alexander from the Department of Civil Engineering.

Five-day field trip

Earthquake assessment to building structureYou'll have the opportunity to spend five days visiting an earthquake affected area in South-East Europe. The field mission involves damage inspection and seismic pathology of structures. This trip is free, as part of the programme cost.

Below is footage from the 2019 field trip to Naples and the island of Ischia.

Shaking table in action

Watch our MSc Earthquake Engineering Students predict the outcome of an Earthquake simulation on model buildings made by undergraduate students.

Towards becoming a Chartered Engineer (CEng)

Our MSc Programme is accredited by the UK Joint Board of Moderators which means that the professional qualifications acquired through the MSc are recognised by the Institute of Civil Engineering and the Institute of Structural Engineers in the UK as meeting the requirements for Further Learning for a Chartered Engineer (CEng).

Videos - Safer Schools in Nepal

Project run by members of the Earthquake and Geotechnical Engineering Research Group

The group's work also features in this episode of RAZOR

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