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Professor Richard Trask


I am a member of the Aerospace Composites research group, working in the field of Multifunctional Composites. - Self-healing of space composite structures Research funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) assessed the feasibility of using functional repair components stored inside hollow reinforcing fibres as a self-healing system for future composite space structures. - Biomimetic plana and branched self-healing networks in composite laminated. The healing potential and repair strategies of living organisms is increasingly of interest to designers seeking lower mass structures with increased service life who wish to progress from a conventional damage tolerance philosophy. Naturally occurring ?materials? have evolved into highly sophisticated, integrated, hierarchical structures that commonly exhibit multifunctional behaviour. Inspiration and mimicry of these microstructures and micro-mechanisms offers considerable potential to in the design and improvement of material performance.

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Key words

  • aerospace composites
  • multifunctional composites
  • self-healing system
  • space composite structures
  • functional repair components
  • biometic plana