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Publication - Dr Marco Longana

    Development of High Performance Discontinuous Fibres - Fibre Surface Modification


    Pozegic, T, Longana, ML, Huntley, SJ, He, S, Bandara, I, King, S & Hamerton, I, 2019, ‘Development of High Performance Discontinuous Fibres - Fibre Surface Modification’. in: TWENTY-SECOND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPOSITE MATERIALS (ICCM22).


    In increasing the material throughput of aligned short fibre composites using HiPerDiF technology, the stability of the fibres in aqueous solution needs to increase. Subsequently, a range of surfactants, typically employed to disperse carbon-based materials, have been assessed to determine the most appropriate. Methods to assess the dispersive power of the surfactants have been trialed, based on success in other studies. Single fibre fragmentation tests were a necessity to determine any changes to the fibre and matrix interfacial adhesion and rheometry compliments the study to understand the potential mechanisms of the improved stability of short fibres in aqueous suspension.

    Full details in the University publications repository