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Publication - Mr Jamie Hartley

    Improving the Performance of Tufted Composite Sandwich Structures


    Hartley, J, Dyson, M & Ward, C, 2017, ‘Improving the Performance of Tufted Composite Sandwich Structures’. in: 21st International Conference on Composite Materials.


    A novel test method has been developed to test the contribution of the tuft drift mechanism observed in tufted sandwich structures under crushing loads. A test fixture has been produced capable of replicating the mechanism for a range of tuft configurations. Tests were carried out, looking at the number, alignment and spacing of tufts within the foam, and their effects on the load and energy absorption of the material. Results of the tests showed single tufts behaving in a consistent manner, but multiple tuft configurations were harder to control. An increased load, and hence energy absorption was observed with increasing numbers of tufts, however this effect diminished if interactions between the tufts did not take place. Future work would look to improve the test method, and ensure that the alignment of tufts could be better controlled to ensure a more accurate representation of failure mechanisms observed in larger test panels.

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