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Dr Giuliano Allegri


Giuliano’s research addresses four main themes: 1) the characterisation and numerical modelling of fracture and fatigue in fibre-reinforced composites, with particular emphasis on suppressing delamination via through-thickness reinforcement; 2) understanding and predicting the effect of the space environment on polymer-based materials; 3) the development of modelling tools based on probabilistic structural mechanics, such as the stochastic finite element method; 4) the aero-servo-elastic design of morphing aircraft structures.

Giuliano holds a master degree in Aeronautical Engineering “cum laude” and a PhD in Aerospace Engineering, both awarded by the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Since 2007, Giuliano has held lectureship posts at Cranfield University, the University of Bristol and Imperial College London, where he also acted as Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Aeronautics MEng programme. Giuliano has supervised 10 PhD students through to completion and as acted as external examiner both in the UK and overseas. He has authored 50 journal papers, several books chapters and more than 80 conference contributions.   



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