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Publication - Dr Daniele Avitabile

    Numerical continuation of high Reynolds number external flows


    Wales, C, Gaitonde, AL, Jones, DP, Avitabile, D & Champneys, AR, 2012, ‘Numerical continuation of high Reynolds number external flows’. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, vol 68., pp. 135 - 159


    A numerical continuation method for the compressible Reynolds-Averaged Navier–Stokes equation with the Spalart–Allmaras turbulence model is presented and applied to the flow around a 2D airfoil. Using continuation methods it is possible to study the steady flow states of a system as a parameter such as angle of attack is varied. This approach allows unstable solutions to be calculated, which are important for understanding the nonlinear dynamics of the system. Furthermore, this method can be used to find any multivalued solutions that exist at a single parameter value. The eigenvalues of the system are calculated using the Cayley transform to precondition the eigenvalue solver ARPACK. The eigenvalues are important as they show the stability of the solutions as well as accurately detect parameter values at which bifurcations take place.

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