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Professor Christian Allen

Prof. Allen is Head of the Fluid Dynamics and Aerodynamics Research Group. His research field is the development of computational methods for the solution of the governing fluid flow equations, and the generation of computational meshes, for unsteady aerodynamics. Specific research areas include steady and unsteady flow about wings and rotor blades, mesh generation and deformation techniques, aerodynamic optimisation, aerodynamic-structural coupling, data manipulation and interpolation, high-speed combustion modelling, and unsteady vortex methods.

Recent efforts have concentrated on `empowering' technology; generic universal pre-, co-, and post-processing methods that make CFD methods easier to use, and methods to extract maximum information from CFD output. Example include approaches to simplify and automate mesh generation, allow CFD-structural coupling for aeroelastics, surface shape parameterisation and optimisation, system identification, multi-dimensional data interpolation, and adaptive sampling and parameter space metamodelling. All the methods are developed to exploit parallel processing environments, and Prof. Allen is Chair of the University's High Performance Computing (HPC) Executive Committee, and a member of the University HPC Board

Research keywords

  • computational meshes
  • mesh generation
  • deformation techniques
  • aerodynamic optimisation
  • aerodynamic-structural coupling
  • high-speed combustion modelling
  • unsteady vortex methods