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Publication - Professor Christian Allen

    Structural Topology Optimisation with R-Snakes Volume of Solid


    Taylor, AD, Payot, AD, Allen, CB & Rendall, T, 2019, ‘Structural Topology Optimisation with R-Snakes Volume of Solid’. in: AIAA Scitech 2019 Forum. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Inc. (AIAA)


    A topologically flexible parameterisation method developed for aerodynamic optimisation is tested on a variety of 2 dimensional structural topology problems. The background to the restricted snakes volume of solid (RSVS) is explained. A topology optimisation framework is develloped using FreeFem++ as a linear elastic solver and differential evolution as the agent based optimiser. Validation of the analysis is presented as well as mesh convergence and impact studies. The work here is significant such that if a parameterisation method is capable of both aerodynamic and structural optimisation, the potential for multidisciplinary analysis arises. Structural topology optimisation of volume constrained agent-based optimisation, minimising deflection, has been run on four common benchmark cases; two short cantilever beams and two longer centrally loaded (MBB) beams. Results were compared to SIMP calculations made following using Sigmund’s 99 line topology optimisation code [1]. RSVS solutions scored objective functions comparable to those found via SIMP in all cases with differences ranging from +40% to-5%. In the long run the combined capability of the RSVS in aerodynamics and structures offers the potential of the development of a general aero-structural topology optimisation framework using a single set of design variables.

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