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Professor Lucy Berthoud

Spacecraft Systems Engineering


Mars ExpressCubesatJUICE ExplorerResearch interests include:

  • Interplanetary spacecraft systems design
  • Phase A studies of scientific spacecraft
  • Nano and microsatellites
  • Model-Based Systems Engineering for spacecraft
  • Mars Sample Return
  • Martian habitats
  • Space Debris and micrometeoroid impact
  • Active Debris removal

Previous research projects have included:

  • Modelling deorbiting of cubesats
  • Dynamics considerations of using a harpoon for debris removal
  • Designing a deployment device for 50+ cubesats
  • Selecting an asteroid for mining
  • Fuel depots at Lagrange points
  • Thermal and power design for a Ganymede Penetrator Probe
  • Thermal design for a Europa Penetrator Probe
  • Ultra low altitude SAR microsat
  • Ultra low altitude hyperspectral imager and SAR microsatellites
  • Thermal design for a propulsion-enabled cubesat
  • Thermal design of a Lunar Penetrator probe


Research keywords

  • Interplanetary spacecraft systems design Phase A studies scientific spacecraft Model Based Systems Engineering applied to Spacecraft Nanosatellites microsatellites Power Thermal Space Debris micrometeoroid hypervelocity impact