Group design project

This is the project that brings together everything you’ve learnt through previous projects. It also unites all of the theoretical knowledge you’ve picked up in your taught units and applies it to the design of an aircraft, helicopter or spacecraft.

Assessment includes individual and group reports, as well as a series of presentations made to our industrial partners. Soft skills, including presentation skills, are critical, and this project is an excellent route for your development in this area. You will meet and present to industrial staff who carry out this work in the real engineering world.

Bristol is located in the centre of the UK aerospace industry. This provides us with a unique situation where nearby global aerospace partners are integral to our everyday research and teaching. Our capstone activity in the fourth year of the MEng programme is a project which sees teams of eight students take on the task of designing a complete aerospace vehicle.

Working directly with Airbus Commercial Aircraft, Agusta-Westland Helicopters or Airbus Defence and Space, each team produces a conceptual and detailed design to meet a challenging industry specification for either a fixed wing, rotary wing or space vehicle. The project is as realistic as we can make it, and culminates in presenting competing designs directly to an audience of engineers at our industrial partners sites.

Professor Christian Allen, Head of Department

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