Shivam Chauhan

"Being an international student from India, I was meticulous in choosing my course and university. Aeronautical Engineering at University of Bristol appealed to me in particular as it covered many aspects of mechanical, electrical and computer science engineering along with detailed aspects of aeronautics and astronautics."

The city of Bristol has a long history linked to aviation and the University of Bristol has strong industrial links with several leading aerospace companies. Bristol also houses many such companies like Rolls Royce, Airbus, Atkins, GKN and GE providing excellent opportunities for students to find summer and yearlong work placements. The quality of the study material provided at Bristol is more than enough for the students to be well versed for any technically challenging interviews. During my four years at the University, I was able to find work opportunities with several leading companies such as Air India, DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation), Rolls Royce and Airbus Space.

Although, I thoroughly enjoyed completing coursework, my favourite has been the final year research project. The Aerospace department allows students to choose from a diverse range of research proposals for their individual projects covering structures, aerodynamics, UAVs and space related projects.

In the second year at University we were taught a module called Space Systems covering detailed aspects of space engineering. This subject in particular was so fascinating that it motivated me further to take on a space based project on satellite design for my master’s thesis work. The support that my supervisor extended to me during this project was more than outstanding. My supervisor ensured I had access to all the tools and facilities I required along with providing me with the independence to make the project my own.

Apart from individual research, the Faculty ensured that students developed team working skills and a prime example of this is the ‘Design’ project. Students were divided into different groups and asked to design a future concept for aircrafts or helicopters. The Faculty ensured the students got specialist help during the project by placing the teams in direct contact with the Airbus and Augusta Westland Future Projects Departments and organising monthly meetings and seminars with many technical experts. The teams were then groomed for presenting their ideas to senior engineers of the respective industries.

What I loved about the group design project was the fact that rather than producing the best design, the emphasis is on working together as a team. The design project will definitely provide you with an experience of a lifetime including crucial deadlines and major challenges that engineers encounter while working in industry!

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Shivam Chauhan, Aerospace Engineering (MEng)
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