Nikhil Sehgal

"I have resided in both India and Malaysia, and have never encountered such a vibrant and beautiful city to study in. The course offers numerous opportunities, contacts and experiences to build a strong technical and experimental foundation."

During the year, the course contains coursework and projects that thoroughly challenge understanding, innovative and team working skills, whilst keeping you updated with the current developments in the industry. One of the highlights on the course for me, was the wing build project in the second year, where students are responsible for the complete design and manufacture of a UAV wing. The task is quite extensive and is a real taster of what an industrial project is like.

The following year students are allowed to display their knowledge in the form of an Individual Exploratory Research Project (IXP). The IXP is a great way of defining what you want to achieve out of this degree and a great way of presenting yourself to your future employers.

The University of Bristol is widely and well recognised throughout the world. The Industrial Liaison Office (ILO) is the best way of finding and obtaining student placements locally and internationally. I personally have done two student placements in India with the help of the ILO which have been of great benefit and assistance to my profile.

Lastly, not being restrictive to aerospace, Engineering also offers numerous extracurricular student led projects such as Formula Student where students can directly apply their knowledge to a full scale project. The team is currently in the midst of developing their first electric formula student car and which will be ready for racing by 2016.

I fully recommend anyone pursuing aerospace to study at Bristol.

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Nikhil Sehgal, 4th year Aerospace Engineering (MEng)
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