Aewis Hii

"I come from a suburb called Sibu on Borneo Island, Malaysia. I chose to pursue Aerospace Engineering (MEng) here at the University of Bristol, initially because it ranked very highly in several university league tables. Besides, it houses a great deal of world-class research in close association with aerospace giants like Rolls-Royce and Airbus."

Furthermore, having lived in the UK prior to coming to university, I had long heard about the beauty and vibrancy of the city of Bristol. Coming to the end of my undergraduate study I can say that the city has never disappointed and the student life had been extremely enjoyable!

I have to give credit to the Faculty for their outstanding job at prospecting work experience and job opportunities for international students in our home countries. Understanding that we may have a hard time securing an internship or job here in the UK due to the strict immigration control, the Faculty liaised with oversea companies such as Airbus India, GKN China, Shell Malaysia to take on students from the University for internship or graduate training in their home countries, which is excellent.

My final year research project was definitely the best training I had. I had full control of defining the project scope within a limited time frame which included reading academic papers for background understanding, constructing mathematical models for the problem, analysing the results and producing a research paper. What's more, I was fortunate to be advised by some of the best academics in the industry during my research.

This research experience was extremely challenging, stimulating and exhilarating and is one that I would recommend to anyone who is pursuing a degree in engineering.

Aewis Hii, Aerospace Engineering (MEng)
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