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Aerospace qansar, Undergraduate

“Quality assured: In the 2015 National Students Survey, 93 percent of our students were satisfied with the quality of the course, and 95 percent were in a managerial or professional job six months after completing the course.” Unistats

Emma England, Bristol graduate, is flying the flag for women after being named the Best of British Engineering at the Semta Skills Awards on 10 February 2016. Visit Emma's profile for more details.

Leanne McCumiskeyAt Bristol, not only are you in the hub of aerospace industry but you’re taught by experts in their fields. The level of teaching is extremely high and all lecturers are happy to help you with anything you are finding challenging. In Year 2 the Wing Design Project gives you great hands on experience and helps you develop your design and manufacturing abilities.

Leanne McCumiskey, 2nd Year Aerospace