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19 March 2020

As a result of the government guidance regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19), the university is currently unable to produce official transcripts and award verification letters. Please see www.bristol.ac.uk/directory/exams/cert-verif-results/ for full details. This situation is under review and we will update this page as and when it changes.  

The Faculty is still able to issue documents electronically but this may take a little longer than usual because of the current disruption. 
If you need one of these documents, you can download an electronic version of the form (links below) to complete and return to the appropriate email address.
 Undergraduate letter request form (Office document, 24kB)
 Postgraduate letter request form (Office document, 41kB)

Student Status Letter

This will confirm your status as a student at the University of Bristol. The letter will include

  • Your official name
  • Your student number
  • Your date of birth and nationality
  • The name of your department
  • Your programme title
  • The start and end dates of your programme
  • Your term address (PG students) – you should check this is up-to-date in ‘Student Info’ before requesting
  • An official signature
  • An official stamp

Letters can take up to five working days to produce (during busy periods), but we will endeavour to produce them sooner. You will be notified by email when they are ready for collection (PG students).

Schengen / Travel Visa Letter

This has the same information as a status letter but is addressed to the Embassy of the country you are visiting. You must remember to provide the name of the country. If you are not applying for your visa from London you will need to specify the alternative city.

Bank Letters

International students should visit Open a bank account in the UK for information about banking in the UK, including guidance on how to produce a bank letter.

Certificates for Council Tax Exemption

Students may claim Council Tax Exemption if their programme of study/research meets the definition of “full-time” for the purpose of Council Tax. Part-time, visiting or occasional students are NOT eligible for Council Tax exemption.

The University provides Bristol City Council with listings of full-time students (undergraduate and postgraduate) three times a year, in early November, January and May, and so most students do not need to provide the Council with a Council Tax Certificate. Halls of residence or University-owned student houses are automatically exempt.

All students living with other people should check their liability for Council Tax at the start of their tenancy and their responsibility during the tenancy if one person leaves and the vacancy is taken by a non-student.

Postgraduate students will NOT be eligible for any exemption once they have submitted their dissertation/thesis.

Interim Certificate Letter (PG Students)

This will include your name and the name of the programme you are studying. The letter will give your start date and the date your project thesis has been submitted. It will normally confirm that all taught units have been passed and the date of the final Faculty Exam Board. Students may use this letter when looking for employment.

Interim Transcripts

These are available after the June Faculty Exam Boards and will show the marks for taught units. Please download the appropriate request form (above) and send it to feng-ugtranscripts@bristol.ac.uk or feng-pgtranscripts@bristol.ac.uk as appropriate. 

Completion of Studies Letter (PG Students)

This letter is only available once all marks have been through a final Faculty Exam Board. This will include your name and the name of the programme studied. The letter will give your start date and completion date (the date your award was conferred). It will also show your degree awarded and degree classification and will also confirm the date of graduation.

Verification of Award

The Examinations Office can provide verification of awards to former students and, with permission, to third parties.

The University does not complete reference or verification of award forms from academic institutions, Government bodies or private companies. The University will provide a signed document, which is accepted in lieu of forms by most authorities and employers. The document provided by the University will be on headed paper, signed by an official of the Examinations Office and will confirm the following: name and date of birth; award; start and award dates; graduation date (where applicable).

For further information, including fees payable, see the awards, certificates, results and verification page.  If you have any queries please contact award-verification@bristol.ac.uk

CAS Numbers / Visa Extensions

If you are a current student and you need a new CAS in order to apply for a visa extension please contact International Student Visa Advice and Compliance for further advice and to make an appointment with an advisor. 

For any non-standard letter request please contact the Faculty by email quoting your name and student number and giving full details of your request to the relevant email address:

 Undergraduate: feng-ugtranscripts@bristol.ac.uk
 Postgraduate: feng-pgtranscripts@bristol.ac.uk

Transcripts - not available at the moment

This is an official document that shows:

  • The units which have been taken in each year of study
  • The assessment and reassessment (as appropriate) grades for each unit
  • The total number of credits gained in each unit taken and in each year of study
  • The degree awarded, degree classification and date of award (where applicable)

Transcripts can be provided in sealed envelopes with the University stamp to prove that the document is authentic.

How much do transcripts cost?

Every graduating taught postgraduate student from 2009 onwards will be eligible to one free copy of their final transcript normally available for collection from the Faculty Office at the time of graduation. For those students who do not attend graduation the transcript will be sent out in the post to their home address after the ceremony.

Thereafter charges will apply and transcripts should be ordered through the online shop. A courier service is available through the online shop and is recommended if a transcript is urgently required.

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