About us

Creative and challenging education

Creative and challenging education

We provide a creative and varied research-led education, from research projects devised by students to research and industry-led small-group seminar courses.


Our partnerships with industries

Our courses and research activity are shaped at all stages by the emerging needs of industry. We have established lasting global partnerships with other leading universities and industry.

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Springboard to an exciting future

Our students are encouraged to be innovative and entrepreneurial. By challenging existing practices, they gain the skills and confidence to become leaders in their chosen fields.


Making a difference to society

Our leading academics are addressing many of society's grand challenges, for example in transport and the built environment, in energy and in advanced healthcare.

Engineering at the University of Bristol is committed to producing leaders and entrepreneurs of the future and to advancing the knowledge and technological innovations required to address global challenges.

Our academics are internationally recognised research leaders who have led the way in some of the most ground-breaking developments - from establishing the equation for the wing design on the Spitfire in the 1930s, to inventing the technology that led to the first mobile phone in the late 1970s. Today, our world-leading research continues, from the development of wallpaper that will protect buildings from earthquake damage, to developing power efficient technologies that will reduce carbon emissions from mobile phone base stations, reducing the environmental impact of communications systems.

Bristol is proud of its interdisciplinary culture where our academics have established lasting global partnerships with other leading universities and industry. We apply our research through successful technology and knowledge transfer, and our work is always engaged with industry, allowing us to add value to the national and global economy.

The engineering disciplines at Bristol empower our students to think creatively and challenge existing practice. This nurtures a culture of enterprise, providing the world with graduates who are best equipped to succeed in a career of their choice. I am privileged to have the opportunity to work with some of the world's most talented students and staff and be the Dean of a successful faculty.

Professor Andrew Nix
Dean of Faculty of Engineering