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Publication - Professor Simon Burgess

    Evaluating the impact of performance-related pay for teachers in England


    Atkinson, A, Burgess, S, Croxson, B, Gregg, P, Propper, C, Slater, H & Wilson, D, 2009, ‘Evaluating the impact of performance-related pay for teachers in England’. Labour Economics, vol 16., pp. 251 - 261


    This paper evaluates the impact of a performance-related pay scheme for teachers in England. Using data which matches individual pupils to individual teachers, and contains both test scores and value-added, we test whether the introduction of a payment scheme based on pupil attainment increased teacher effort. Our evaluation design controls for pupil effects, school effects and teacher effects, and adopts a difference-in-difference methodology. We find that the scheme did improve test scores and value added increased on average by about 40% of a grade per pupil.

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