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Publication - Professor Simon Burgess

    The teacher labour market, teacher turnover and disadvantaged schools

    new evidence for England


    Allen, R, Burgess, S & Mayo, J, 2018, ‘The teacher labour market, teacher turnover and disadvantaged schools: new evidence for England’. Education Economics, vol 26., pp. 4-23


    We study the market for teachers in England, in particular teacher turnover. We show that there is a positive raw association between the level of school disadvantage and the turnover rate of its teachers. This association diminishes as we control for school, pupil and local teacher labour market characteristics, but is not eliminated. The remaining association is largely accounted for by teacher characteristics, with the poorer schools hiring much younger teachers on average. We interpret this market equilibrium allocation as either deriving from the preferences of young teachers, or as reflecting the low market attractiveness of disadvantaged schools.

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