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Publication - Professor Gianluca Veronesi

    Organizing professionals and their impact on performance

    the case of public health doctors in the Italian SSN


    Sarto, F, Veronesi, G & Kirkpatrick, I, 2019, ‘Organizing professionals and their impact on performance: the case of public health doctors in the Italian SSN’. Public Management Review, vol 21., pp. 1029-1051


    Hybrid professional managers have been associated with improvements in the performance of public sector organizations. However, less attention has been given to differences within this category. Drawing on board human capital theory, we focus on an emerging group of ‘organizing professionals’ with earlier and deeper exposure to management training and education: generalist clinical hybrids drawn from public health in the Italian healthcare system. Specifically, we investigate the impact that these hybrid hospital CEOs have on organizational performance in comparison with other backgrounds. The results indicate that this form of generalist hybrid professionalism has distinct, if not dramatic, consequences for performance.

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