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Publication - Professor Gianluca Veronesi

    National Health Service Boards of Directors and Governance Models


    Veronesi, G & Keasey, K, 2011, ‘National Health Service Boards of Directors and Governance Models’. Public Management Review, vol 13., pp. 861-885


    This article reports the findings of a year-long research project focused on the activity of boards of directors of twenty-two trusts from the British National Health Service (NHS). The evidence gathered through the use of semi-structured interviews, focus groups, workshops, feedback questionnaires and document analysis indicates that the behavioural dynamics of boards, affected by the dominance of the expert model, act as antecedents of their statutory functions and the implementation of different governance models. Only a portion of the boards involved has effectively incorporated in its modus operandi post-New Public Management (post-NPM) principles of governance.

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