Professor Gregory Jolivet

Professor Gregory Jolivet

Professor Gregory Jolivet
Professor of Economics

The Priory Road Complex, Priory Road, Clifton
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Telephone Number (0117) 928 8263

Department of Economics

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  • Labour Economics
  • Econometrics



ECON30075: Labour Economics

Latest publications

  1. Crépon, B, Ferracci, M, Jolivet, G & van den Berg, GJ, 2018, ‘Information shocks and the empirical evaluation of training programs during unemployment spells’. Journal of Applied Econometrics, vol 33., pp. 594-616
  2. Jolivet, G & Turon, H, 2018, ‘Consumer Search Costs and Preferences on the Internet’. Review of Economic Studies.
  3. Bonhomme, S, Jolivet, GR & Leuven, E, 2016, ‘School Characteristics and Teacher Turnover: Assessing the Role of Preferences and Opportunities’. Economic Journal.
  4. Jolivet, GR, Jullien, B & Postel-Vinay, F, 2016, ‘Reputation and Prices on the e-Market: Evidence from a Major French Platform’. International Journal of Industrial Organization, vol 45., pp. 59-75
  5. Ferracci, M, Jolivet, GR & Van den Berg, G, 2014, ‘Evidence of Treatment Spillovers within Markets’. Review of Economics and Statistics, vol 96., pp. 812-823
  6. Martins, DBB, Jolivet, GR & Postel-Vinay, FYB, 2013, ‘Accounting for endogeneity in matching function estimation’. Review of Economic Dynamics, vol 16., pp. 440-451
  7. Crepon, B, Ferracci, M, Jolivet, G & Van den Berg, G, 2009, ‘Active Labor Market Policy Effects in a Dynamic Setting’. Journal of the European Economic Association, vol 7., pp. 595 - 605
  8. Jolivet, G, 2009, ‘A Longitudinal Analysis of Search Frictions and Matching in the US Labor Market’. Labour Economics, vol 16., pp. 121 - 134
  9. Bonhomme, S & Jolivet, G, 2009, ‘The Pervasive Absence of Compensating Differentials’. Journal of Applied Econometrics, vol 24., pp. 763 - 795
  10. Jolivet, G, Postel-Vinay, F & Robin, J-M, 2006, ‘The empirical content of the job search model: Labor mobility and wage distributions in Europe and the US’. European Economic Review, vol 50 (4)., pp. 877 - 907

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