Professor Paul Grout

Professor Paul Grout

Professor Paul Grout
Professor of Political Economy

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Department of Economics

Personal profile

Paul Grout is Professor of Political Economy at the University of Bristol. His main research interests are in public economics, law and economics, and finance and he has published extensively in these fields (e.g., in Econometrica, Review of Economic Studies, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Public Economics, American Bar Association).

He is also a Non-Executive Director of Ofgem (the UK energy regulator) and the Senior Advisor on Competition at the Bank of England.

He was founding director of the Centre for Market and Public Organisation; was a member of the Executive Committee, Council and trustee of the Royal Economic Society; the inaugural Tinbergen Research Fellow at the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, was on the Editorial Board of the Review for Economic Studies and director of the Review of Economic Studies Ltd for many years; and is a Research Fellow of CEPR.

He has advised many UK and international government departments and public bodies; has been advisor to the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee; and a member of a CBI Taskforce. Recent keynote addresses include speeches at the World Bank; IESE (Barcelona); and European Commission’s EuroSocial Taxation Conference (Mexico).



ECONM1014: MSc Economics for Finance and Management
ECONM1019: MSc Public Organisation
ECONM2037: MSc Law and Economics

Fields of interest

Public Organisation, Law and Economics, Finance

Latest publications

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