Dr Mary Phillips

Dr Mary Phillips

Dr Mary Phillips
Reader in Organisation Studies

The Priory Road Complex, Priory Road, Clifton
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Telephone Number (0117) 331 7106

Department of Management


Mary has been a member of the Department of Management since 2000 and prior to that completed her PhD (in literary studies) and taught at the University of Reading.

Her research is focused on developing an ethico-politics of organization that encompasses gender and the corporeal body. This work is informed by post-structuralist feminisms and in particular that of Helene Cixous, Julia Kristeva and Judith Butler. Currently, she is working on ecofeminist/corporeal responses to organizational environmentalism. She is editing a book, Contemporary Perspectives on Ecofeminism, to be published by Routledge in 2015, drawing together scholarly approaches from a number of disciplines to explore the contribution of ecofeminist approaches to resolving ecological problems. She is also working with artists and creative writers as a way of fostering affective re-engagements with nature. Previous work has included the ethico-political dimensions of leadership and entrepreneurship.

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MGRCM1401: The Context of Strategic Management (MSc Strategic Management)
MGRCM2014: Business Ethics CSR (MSc Management)
MGRCM2403: Business Ethics CSR (MSc Strategic Management)

Fields of interest

Critical and Cultural theory in organisation studies, ecofeminism, gender, corporeality

Key publications

  1. Phillips, ME 2014, ‘Re-writing corporate environmentalism: Ecofeminism, corporeality and the language of feeling’. Gender, Work and Organization.
  2. Phillips, ME, Pullen, A & Rhodes, C 2013, ‘Writing organization as gendered practice: Interrupting the libidinal economy’. Organization Studies.
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  5. Phillips, M & Rippin, A 2010, ‘Howard and the mermaid: abjection and the Starbucks' Foundation memoir’. Organization, vol 17., pp. 481 - 499

Latest publications

  1. Phillips, M 2010, ‘From The Waste Land to Past-present Fuschia: The re-development of the Broadmead Shopping Centre’. Culture and Organization, vol 16., pp. 259 - 282
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