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Publication - Professor Mark Clatworthy

    Overseas equity analysis by UK analysts and fund managers


    Clatworthy, MA & Jones, MJ, 2008, ‘Overseas equity analysis by UK analysts and fund managers’. British Accounting Review, vol 40., pp. 337 - 355


    This paper examines how UK-based analysts and fund managers cope with international differences in financial reporting systems when analysing overseas equities. This subject has become increasingly important given the internationalisation and institutionalisation of equity markets. Our results indicate that there is a substantial reliance on sources other than the annual report by both groups when analysing overseas companies. We also find considerable variation in the approach to analysing equities internationally. In particular, we find evidence that there is greater reliance on alternative sources to accounting information (such as other foreign analysts) in countries characterised as having weak equity markets. Finally, we examine the coping mechanisms that analysts and fund managers employ when analysing overseas securities, including reliance on locally based analysts, use of non-accounting information, use of more familiar accounting standards and re-stating accounts to a more familiar basis.

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