Professor Leroy White

Professor Leroy White

Professor Leroy White

The Priory Road Complex, Priory Road, Clifton
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Telephone Number (0117) 331 7408

Department of Management


Leroy White’s main research interests are management science/operational research, problem structuring methods, social network analysis, strategic partnerships, large group decision-making, public and community involvement, public sector working and public sector management.

He has worked with a range of clients including the Department of Health, local health authorities, health trusts, and the voluntary sector in both the UK and abroad. He has published a number of papers on the process of operational research, partnerships, systems thinking, large group processes, and has also had a book published (jointly with Ann Taket) by Wiley called 'Partnerships and Participation'. His current funded research work include ESRC KTP with Barclays Bank, British Academy award for field experiment in the BBC, and ESRC Capacity Building Cluster on the impact of the third sector.

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MGRCM2402: Negotiation
EFIM30001: Management Science

Fields of interest

Operational Research, Problem Structuring Methods, Social Network Analysis, Strategic Partnerships

Key publications

  1. Currie, G & White, L 2012, ‘Knowledge brokering across organizational and occupational boundaries: The case of healthcare’. Organization Studies, vol 33., pp. 1333-1361
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Latest publications

  1. Wang, X, White, LA & Chen, X 2015, ‘Call for Papers: Big Data Research for the Knowledge Economy: Past, Present, and Future’. Industrial Management and Data Systems.
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