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Publication - Dr Katharina Burger

    Big Data and Behavior in Operational Research

    Towards a “Smart OR”


    White, LA, Burger, K & Yearworth, M, 2017, ‘Big Data and Behavior in Operational Research: Towards a “Smart OR”’. in: Martin Kunc, Jonathan Malpass, Leroy White (eds) Behavioral Operational Research: Theory, Methodology and Practice. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 177-193


    Organisations are today characterised by increased dynamism and
    complexity. The challenges that have appeared as a result of these
    conditions have made organisations and the behaviour within them
    difficult to examine. We define SMART OR as the creative use of Big Data and hard and soft OR to enhance behaviour and positive results for decision-makers.
    In this chapter we describe the background to SMART OR, which is
    essentially action oriented and located within a particular problem
    context and stakeholder grouping and can take into account a number of
    biases—should an external observer observe them.

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