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Publication - Dr Katharina Burger

    Developing a smart operational research with hybrid practice theories


    Burger, K, White, L & Yearworth, M, 2019, ‘Developing a smart operational research with hybrid practice theories’. European Journal of Operational Research, vol 277., pp. 1137-1150


    The growth of technology-rich data-driven decision environments is seen by some as a challenge to the future relevance of Operational Research. Extant research remains unspecific about the distinct contribution that Operational Research can make in environments that are influenced by big data, data science and analytics. This paper explores the possibility that these environments hold the potential for a new integrative Operational Research offering, which we conceptualise as Smart Operational Research. In developing this proposal, we combine automated co-occurrence analysis of a corpus of literature with human-driven data interpretation to identify instantiations of hybrid decision-making. We then bring theory and practice together to outline the Smart Operational Research framework with the overall aim to enhance actionable insight and positive results for Operational Research practitioners.

    Full details in the University publications repository